Saturday, November 10, 2007

Send me to ReHab

I have to admit I have a soft spot for artist's with Drug addictions they have the most heart and soul.
My number one's are Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Edith Piaf,Curt Kobain,Bob Marley,Sade. My latest victim is Amy Winehouse. Her First Album Frank is on heavy rotation in my I-pod. For the rest of the world it is her 2ND album.

I have an orgy of clients of different ages and we all love here music. Why? This young songstress speaks to us all. In harmonies we can all groove and relate to her sound regardless of your age. Many of us who were children/teenagers of the 80's & 90s have been waiting for a sound that we can groove to regardless of your color. It is expectational how she merges jazz and hip-hop.

Her fans really await her next album to see who see will collaborate with!! Will it be her love Nas, maybe even RZA!!!!! DJ Premier would really do her justice. Yet will Ms. Winehouse make it to her next album? After hearing about her concerts,and viewing for myself on the European Music Awards, something is defiantly wrong with this talented artist.

My question is does anyone in her entourage care about whether she lives or dies? When I go to NYC or London and see Mark Ronson I am going to ask him personally! I would love the opportunity to find out for myself, cause I care. I know what drug abuse is living and dying. Over the passed few years I have lost many a friend to drugs, found out friends have a drug problem, way heavier then imagined. Which I cannot understand cause many of us grew up in the "CRACK IS WACK""SAY NO TO DRUGS" thanks in part to ReagonNomics!"Wasted talent" like DeNiro said in a Bronx Tale. Does her record company even care?! Or should we blame her lover? It depends on who you consider her lover to be? And yet it is so easy to blame then give a hoot!

I also urge many people in the music industry to reach out to her, and try to help. I have also meet a lot of people who judge her because of her drug abuse. Yet, I beg too differ.... We all have our addictions, we all have tried:weed, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy or what ever. Who are we to judge? We all are 6 degrees away from a CRACK-HEAD. It maybe your mom/dad, brother/sister/ friend/faux..... Thank about it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

I am learning how to drive now and I think I found my motivation!!!! No, I know I found my motivation! (via This Is Next)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am women hear me Roar

Many of the people who I coach for luxury companies such as FFSA, Rochas, Cartier, LVMH and others read my blog!!! Which is great news!! Many of my clients asked to see more pictures and want to know who I am.

I have added a slide show. Here you can see who I am in my many stages. Pretty, ugly, Fat, skinny. This proves I am a real women who goes through the same as every other. I love to travel, love love, hate love, really I love life and all it's components.

Book of The Month

This week has been refreshing for me!!! I have turned myself around, turned the negatives into positives. Life is good and we should all be thankful for what we have. This might be because I am also fasting for Ramadam! (Feel great but my lips are so chapped!) It is always easier to reflect and harp on the negative, but my fast helps me understand that I am gifted and lucky.

I have found a new book to read. Because I love too read as well I have started to share this book with many of my clients that I coach. I coach more women then men, and through my research boy do we need coaching. This Thursday I made a break through with one of my clients at Rochas, which was just bought by Product and Gamble. She had a problem with the change,and every time we had a session she was stressed at and doubting herself.

It seems that the merger was not an easy one for the Rochas staff, who consider themselves as a Luxury Brand perfumer. That was acquired but an American soap maker, bringing the brand down. Many fail to realize that the brand was dead and P&G brought many new styles of building a brand to Rochas. What I have noticed is that French business fight change. Many of the staff do not see the opportunity in front of them. P&G is huge, and that for the future there will be many career opportunities.

This is were I come in. I coach Luxury Business professionals on how to do business in a new world. How to negotiate in English, how to change the way you work, it is not all about you it is about the team. Skills that are very hard for the French who prefer to work alone and do not trust anyone.

When low and be hold I started using exerts from the book This book is not only for women who want to work in an office environment. It is for everyone women who wants to change their life, get a head and start a new career. I challenge all my readers to pick it up and learn something about yourself!! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chanel Sport Collection 2007

Chanel Sport Collection 2007

OK Paris is Burning with Rugby fever. So this Americangurlinparis could not resist to post the Chanel Sport Collection. This is perfect for all the footballers wives!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eco Bags Reusable Produce Bags

Eco Bags Reusable Produce Bags

Finally. I am really one of these people who thinks about this stuff. I am an American who lives in Paris, France and we already started this trend. In France, it is already a habit to bring your own bag! Most grocery stories do not even give bags anymore. SMART!!!! (via ThisOne)