Saturday, November 10, 2007

Send me to ReHab

I have to admit I have a soft spot for artist's with Drug addictions they have the most heart and soul.
My number one's are Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Edith Piaf,Curt Kobain,Bob Marley,Sade. My latest victim is Amy Winehouse. Her First Album Frank is on heavy rotation in my I-pod. For the rest of the world it is her 2ND album.

I have an orgy of clients of different ages and we all love here music. Why? This young songstress speaks to us all. In harmonies we can all groove and relate to her sound regardless of your age. Many of us who were children/teenagers of the 80's & 90s have been waiting for a sound that we can groove to regardless of your color. It is expectational how she merges jazz and hip-hop.

Her fans really await her next album to see who see will collaborate with!! Will it be her love Nas, maybe even RZA!!!!! DJ Premier would really do her justice. Yet will Ms. Winehouse make it to her next album? After hearing about her concerts,and viewing for myself on the European Music Awards, something is defiantly wrong with this talented artist.

My question is does anyone in her entourage care about whether she lives or dies? When I go to NYC or London and see Mark Ronson I am going to ask him personally! I would love the opportunity to find out for myself, cause I care. I know what drug abuse is living and dying. Over the passed few years I have lost many a friend to drugs, found out friends have a drug problem, way heavier then imagined. Which I cannot understand cause many of us grew up in the "CRACK IS WACK""SAY NO TO DRUGS" thanks in part to ReagonNomics!"Wasted talent" like DeNiro said in a Bronx Tale. Does her record company even care?! Or should we blame her lover? It depends on who you consider her lover to be? And yet it is so easy to blame then give a hoot!

I also urge many people in the music industry to reach out to her, and try to help. I have also meet a lot of people who judge her because of her drug abuse. Yet, I beg too differ.... We all have our addictions, we all have tried:weed, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy or what ever. Who are we to judge? We all are 6 degrees away from a CRACK-HEAD. It maybe your mom/dad, brother/sister/ friend/faux..... Thank about it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

I am learning how to drive now and I think I found my motivation!!!! No, I know I found my motivation! (via This Is Next)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am women hear me Roar

Many of the people who I coach for luxury companies such as FFSA, Rochas, Cartier, LVMH and others read my blog!!! Which is great news!! Many of my clients asked to see more pictures and want to know who I am.

I have added a slide show. Here you can see who I am in my many stages. Pretty, ugly, Fat, skinny. This proves I am a real women who goes through the same as every other. I love to travel, love love, hate love, really I love life and all it's components.

Book of The Month

This week has been refreshing for me!!! I have turned myself around, turned the negatives into positives. Life is good and we should all be thankful for what we have. This might be because I am also fasting for Ramadam! (Feel great but my lips are so chapped!) It is always easier to reflect and harp on the negative, but my fast helps me understand that I am gifted and lucky.

I have found a new book to read. Because I love too read as well I have started to share this book with many of my clients that I coach. I coach more women then men, and through my research boy do we need coaching. This Thursday I made a break through with one of my clients at Rochas, which was just bought by Product and Gamble. She had a problem with the change,and every time we had a session she was stressed at and doubting herself.

It seems that the merger was not an easy one for the Rochas staff, who consider themselves as a Luxury Brand perfumer. That was acquired but an American soap maker, bringing the brand down. Many fail to realize that the brand was dead and P&G brought many new styles of building a brand to Rochas. What I have noticed is that French business fight change. Many of the staff do not see the opportunity in front of them. P&G is huge, and that for the future there will be many career opportunities.

This is were I come in. I coach Luxury Business professionals on how to do business in a new world. How to negotiate in English, how to change the way you work, it is not all about you it is about the team. Skills that are very hard for the French who prefer to work alone and do not trust anyone.

When low and be hold I started using exerts from the book This book is not only for women who want to work in an office environment. It is for everyone women who wants to change their life, get a head and start a new career. I challenge all my readers to pick it up and learn something about yourself!! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chanel Sport Collection 2007

Chanel Sport Collection 2007

OK Paris is Burning with Rugby fever. So this Americangurlinparis could not resist to post the Chanel Sport Collection. This is perfect for all the footballers wives!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eco Bags Reusable Produce Bags

Eco Bags Reusable Produce Bags

Finally. I am really one of these people who thinks about this stuff. I am an American who lives in Paris, France and we already started this trend. In France, it is already a habit to bring your own bag! Most grocery stories do not even give bags anymore. SMART!!!! (via ThisOne)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Philips Swarovski USB Flash Drive

Philips Swarovski USB Flash Drive

Love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw them in Colette in Paris. They are perfect for coloredgirlezwhoMac. "Des Bling Bling." (via ThisOne)

Adidas Originals - Porsche Design

Adidas Originals - Porsche Design

They are cool. I like the way they are designed. (via ThisOne)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My recommendations!

All products that I have reccommend can be found on! Enjoy!
Louis Vuitton: iPhone Certified

Just what we all needed

Monday, August 13, 2007

Guardian Angel Bags

Guardian Angel Bags

This bag says stay away! I love it I'm armed!

'Be Tough' T-Shirt

'Be Tough' T-Shirt

Love the design when I get to NYC on Friday I want to buy it straight away!

Bag Lady!

I was inspired by one of my myspace friends FashionPig. They sent out a blog your bag is fake! Requesting viewers of the myspace page to send in picks of what kind of bags we owned and the content inside your bag!!

Well I am headed to New York City for the rest of the summer. Being a native New Yorker who has not been home in a year and half, I am so excited. I have started packing today for my departure on Friday morning!! Luckily I am flying Air France to London and Virgin Atlantic to NY. I can catch up on all those great movies, sleep comfortably and play video games.

So here we go, this is one of the hand bags I will take on my trip(I call it I have arrived bag, now I am ready to have kids bag,) As well as what is inside!

More from NYC later this month so stay tuned!
lotte77's recommendations at ThisNext

Check out my blog American gurl in Paris. It's HOT!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


There has been something on my mind for a long time! Now that I have download the Instant Karma CD from I tunes for my shuffle the future for me seems clearer. I have had the song "Working Class Hero" cover by Green Day of the John Lennon classic. I grew up on the Beatles and then later John Lennon. He like Marley is timeless.
Working Class Hero
My break dancing punk of a brother and my PHD teaching aunt influenced me with enormous musical taste. Both taught me to speak up for what I believe in and never settle through the songs of Lennon and Marley. Their songs beg us to make a difference, stand up for our rights, and give peace a chance.

Today, I am saddened by what goes on in our world. And that know one is doing anything about. I mean people are making a difference, yet it is not like the struggles of the past. Young people are more concerned about the new dance move or the new bling. Or like I stated in my other blog showing their underwear! LOL Company’s look at it as a way to promote there brand and make money.

For those of you who don't know I am also a Business English Teacher here in France, for Fashion companies. A starving artist needs to eat!!!!! After playing "Working Class Hero" for my students both versions, something snapped in my head.

I want to be a working class hero!!!! I want to make a difference, before I die, I wanted to help children in need before I have my own, I want to tell the powers that be that their decisions do more then help the people, yet they hurt the people!

The Green Day version of Working Class Hero and Lupe Fiasco’s American Terrorist has been on repeat on my shuffle!!! I think I am going to give it all up and just go to Darfur and help! It has been something I have always wanted to do. I need to do something for the people who are not has fortunate as myself before I die.

If anyone knows of an organization that I can get in touch with to make this happen please let me know. If anyone knows of an organization that would sponsorship my blogg and me to my trip while I am there please contact me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Be Shop" -"What da Butt Clot"

There is a new trend in Paris these day’s and it is really not cute. Gone are the days when women were showing us their "String"- "G-String"! I thought this style was vulgar and so did many of my male friends. Many a lunchtime discussion was had about our loss of appetite over the appearance of a G-string. The trend was ageless, young and old wore them and felt they had to let the entire world in on their secret, sorry not cute!!!!! I think the worst for me was at my Bickram Yoga classes here in Paris. This older women with no ass tortured us all whenever she came to class and changed reveling her G-string stuck between her flat ass! I guess she wanted to compete with us young girls, if only she knew "LE String" -"G-String" was never my forte. Having something stuck up my ass was not comfortable. Girlfriends always tried to convince me otherwise, but give me a boy's brief any day!

Now the trend has crossed over and I don't know what is worse, seeing a boy’s brief for real or g-string! "What da Butt Clot” or as the trend is called here in Paris "Be Shop". UGH!!!!! At least hundred times a day I am traumatized by being flashed by young boys in cigarette jeans, or even sweat pants/trainers, with their boys briefs peeking out from under their pants.

It is hysterical before when the baggy jean was in we saw men's boxers. Hmmm I have to admit I like skinny guys, but this is ridicules! I don't want to see their skinny Asses. Then trend has crossed color and age barriers. Even pre pubescent young men have adopted the style.

If I could be in the brain of Heidi I wonder if this is exactly what he wanted. Is this punk I don’t think so, punks were skinny and their under peeked out by accident. These young men are doing it on purpose? Young male clones of Kate Moss and Nicole Richie! Dudes pull up your pants please!!! I would love to hear from you and to know if this is going on in London, New York, and the rest of the world!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Isabella Blow

Please check this out if you are into Fashion!


Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Grand Dame Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Le Grand Dame

What is there to say about the Le Grand Dame Ms Westwood? She stuck to what she knows her style. Yet always just reinventing the style that is her own.

It was a pleasure to view her collection come down the runway. Now that punk is a la mode, who better to dictate? She took her signature looks and embellished. Sexy warrior women style skirts with her Pirates of the Caribbean boots. Many fashion editors have said pirate boots are out of style and that it is all about the ankle boot. Not at Westwood. We also saw the bustier as fashion accessories, if you wear a bustier is tends to take 7 inches off your waistline, keeps you shirt down over the ass hugging jeans. Hmm. As well gold and red were the palette of the show. We also say the entire range of bags, shoes, hoodies and sweaters and hats to accompany the entire collection. Also so very Westwood was the Boy George oversized high waisted baggy pant!

It seemed has if marriage was on the mind of Westwood, with bridesmaid style dresses and ending the show with a fierce black chick in a white wedding dress. I have to admit Westwood had more women of color then most of the runway shows. Quelle horreur.

Paris Punk Masion Martin Margiela II

Maison Martin Margiela

I am already thinking about the ‘It’ boots of the next season. A signature piece for my wardrobe for my next fall wardrobe essentially because I love black and pink! Two seasons’s running le Maison Martin Margiela has had the 'IT' shoes!! Love those plexy glass numbers! This show he had some off the hook black and hot pink numbers must have regardless of the price. I hope to get to the sample sale. Now more about live from the show.

Martin Margiela is proving to be a powerhouse. The fall collection he showed was all about the shoulder. This time, the line was way, way out there—50 centimeters, to be precise—and aided, in some cases, by rods on which to hang the vast inverted triangle of the upper body. In effect, MMM sent tapered downward to high-waisted narrow skirts or black leg casings that were a strange amalgam of ski pants and long-line girdle down the runway. Nutty as this sound, there was a dramatic, graphic elegance in the way Margiela worked the theme through black and white, with contrasting shots of fluorescent pink and lime. He moved from squared-off capes through conceptual boleros constructed of strands of looped wool or giant tubes of tulle-covered padding. But then came the luxe part, sans superstructure. There were rabbit-fur jackets with huge cowls, and a couple of glam backless shaggy goat halters that gave a clever twist to the season's ubiquitous chubbies.

This was another Paris punk collection and also was staying true to MMM very avant-garde and not for everyone. I have to also complement the show for including women of color an element that was missing in many of the shows! I also believe many of the designers that I will talk about are trying to protect us from the world at large. We are seeing very punk influenced garments go down the runway. We as a people are rebelling like the roots or punk, roots, rock and reggae.

Paris Fashion Fall/Winter 07-08 Week Wrap Up Part I

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Paris Punk

Paris Fashion Fall/Winter 07-08 Week Wrap Up
Paris Punk


Christophe Decarnin has taken the couture label to new heights since his he has taken the reins at Balmain, with its re-launch a year ago. The tough-chic element came via silver armor embroidery at the neckline of a sequined number, metal coils at the shoulder of a short white frock, and a swooping cape of feathers that attached around the neck with a rope of shining crystals. Metal studs on suede platform booties completed the picture.

The sound track was the Cure and all the models where tall and lanky. Christophe made this collection a strictly for after work party girl attire, and his work has a decidedly more young and hip then the history of the house which was know for the ultra-elegant day’s of Pierre Balmain's signature. His low-slung bumsters clung to every inch of the models’ legs from their backsides on down to the mid-calf, where they flared out in big swooshes of fabric to the soles of their platforms studded ankle boots, which I say are must have for next fall, totally punk rock! Take a look for your self.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

EMO Fashion

The Return of EMO

Many mornings I am torn between dressing like an EMO or debutant. I guess that is why I like Lily Allen’s dress sense; she seems to mix the two and throws a little hip-hop style into it. Many of you must be like what the hell is EMO? Well if you check out my page ( you will see when I describe myself I say I am a punk meets hip-hop. Because of my older brother Jimmy I started listening to punk before I got into hip-hop and the normal evolution after punk was hip-hop. Thanks to Icons Debbie Harry and Fab Five they along with the Disco error were able to merge all genera’s. Later came the likes of the Cure and Depeche Mode.

Now that the punk rock style is back in fashion, more so the 80’s I love it. Many people complained about the 80’s fashion styles. I disagree when was the last time everyone listened to the same style of music, that was fun, and sing along-ey? Now music separates us instead of bring us together. As well as degrades women and I am not just talking about men, degrading us, a lot of the female singers today degrade themselves, not voices just fit!

You might ask what the heck is EMO it is the acronym for "emotional." EMO is short for many different styles of emotionally charged punk rock. Most people have an inadequate idea of what EMO is all about. EMO relates to all terms pertaining to "punk," "post punk," "no-wave," "hardcore punk," "old-school/new-school," etc (although the difference between "hardcore punk" and "hardcore" is lost on a lot of people - "hardcore punk" is punk rock made heavier, faster, louder; "hardcore" is what happened after the hardcore punks realized they didn't have to sound like punk rock anymore - still heavy, fast, loud, but with a different foundation

Fashion EMO Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McClaren, today Alexander McQueen, Heidi Sliman, and many emerging young designers such as Jean-Pierre Braganza are following the trend. If you are not sure if you are an EMO, or would like to be one, here are a few fashion tips on what you should be dressing like.

• Wear skintight clothes.
• Wear, black/dark skinny jeans,
• White studded belts and an EMO band shirt, or even a plain black shirt.
• Tight Full bleed shirts usually work as well.
• If you don't like jeans, you may substitute a short skirt as well.
• Black or brown hair. Flipped out on girls, mop top on guys.
• Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eyeglasses # A silver necklace with a star charm.
• Scarves.
• A black or navy blue pea coat.
• Heavy dress slacks.
• Doc Martens or clunky black shoes
• Vintage

EMO costume is characterized as distinctly non-fashionable, keeping with the movement's theme of showing little to no interest in all aspects of society. EMO individuals perceive themselves to be outcasts and dress accordingly so as to avoid any appearance of attempting conformity and falling short. With all this said how has the style become so fashionable?

Donna Style Cartel

Next live from Paris Fashion week via the New NOkia Phone!!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Designer of the Day

Simone Williams

According to WWD today they say London fashion week is a hard sell. London is known for it's Radical Fashion statements. Hence Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan. I also believe they do not care about what the rest of the world wears unless you dare to be different. This is he ideal of the new Brit les jeunes creator.

I am scared the world will one day conform and dare to be different. What will the avant guard stylish do then! The fashion world is worried about designers really selling in London. With this up coming Fashion week London we will just have to wait and see. As well as give big ups to the likes of Top Shop for it's continued work with les jeunes creator. Only worries now what will my favorite disposable fashion retailer do without their mews.

Another shout out goes to Colin McDowell, founder and creative director of Fashion Fringe. McDowell founded Fashion Fringe. Each year, the winner gets a 100,000 pound ($196,000) prize as well as business advice and connections. Since Fashion Fringe began, McDowell has hooked up winners with such companies as Italian manufacturer Aeffe.

"he believed there was too much hype — and not enough financial or business support — around emerging London designers. And that's damaging to everyone. McDowell founded Fashion Fringe. Each year, the winner gets a 100,000 pound ($196,000) prize as well as business advice and connections. Since Fashion Fringe began, McDowell has hooked up winners with such companies as Italian manufacturer Aeffe.

Style Cartel would like to help promote fashion talent, because the fashion world is one of the hardest fields to make it in! Today we introduce Simone Williams. A few words from the label. -Beautiful ladieswear for beautiful ladies"

"The Simone Williams label has been keeping busy as always!

Flavour of the month...

Dzina Boutique (a stockist of The Simone Williams label) was featured in Flavour magazine this month – a new "Urban lifestyle magazine" which is making waves across London - The Maria and Fairy dresses were featured in the issues shot on Location at the Dzina boutique in Leyton.

Indian delights

Simone returned from a textile buying trip to India – a land of great cultural delights and creative inspirations. She had the opportunity to select some truly unique textiles for one-off pieces that will be a pleasure to see and wear.

King Cosy Boutique champagne evening

This week Wednesday 7Th, King Cosy Boutique are having a CHAMPAGNE and SHOPPING evening with EXTRA discounts and have personally invited you to come along and take advantage from 7pm onwards! ! Feel free to bring along friends and family. Please R.S.V.P to with your names so that we can make sure we have enough Bubbly!!!

Made to measure

Don't forget that the Simone William's label offers a made to measure service – so there is no excuse not to look fabulous for that special occasion this year."

You are responsible for your own happiness

Happiness never comes from outside of you. If you put your happiness in someone else's hands, they can always take it away. Happiness can only come from inside of you and is the result of your love

By Don Miguel Ruiz
Toltec Wisdom

Monday, February 5, 2007

Gurl On the Street Paris

This is what young Parisianns and tourist are wearing.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

To Master Love

To Master Love, you have to practice love.
The art of relationship is a whole mastery, and the only way to reach mastery is with practice. To master a relationship is, therefore, about action,it is not about attaining knowledge.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Model Controversy

Our Models Ourselves

Since Spain decided to regulate the models weight, the whole industry is in an up roar. I say about time, how many of us women have been traumatized by the way we look because of the urge and need to look like a model? Ok I will be the first to admit; my name is Lotte and I am a model, fashion, and Vogue addict. I will stop at nothing to look and dress like a model. I have tried every diet; attempt to run regularly, love the drug ecstasy because I was the skinniest I have ever been in my life. While addicted to the drug. With the expectation of when I was 14-16 years old I have never been skinnier.

Wish I could get the drug in France that so many in the states including my mews Nicole Richie allegedly takes (ADHA drug Adderall XR Ritalin, Benzedrine) these are really not a diet drugs. It’s actually speed, the drug prescribed to children in the states with Attention Deficit Disorder. Here in France your local pharmacists know about it but they don’t sell it! Damn.

They only diet that I have not tried is the lemon, water and maple syrup detox one. No food for a week, just water, maple syrup, and lemon juice. Hey it did wonders for Beyonce and Karl Lagerfeld! Dreamgirls might not have been a hit, and Karl would not have been able to wear Heidi Slimane without. I am not that desperate yet. I love food too much and do not desire to look like a mosquito! I would just like to be a size 6 US, 10 UK and 38 EU that's all. I am not trying to be super anorexic skinny just healthy. There I have confessed, it feels great to confess after a run. Today is another day to challenge myself not to eat sweets or to many carbohydrates. Bonne Chance.

Now back to the Model Issue! Many in the fashion industry wish the press and the public would just let things stay under the rug. Like in the early 80’s-90’s when heroin chic was the entire rave and everyone was on drugs or just looked that way. A time when many in the in crowed died of overdose, AIDES, or both. Many great talents had gotten caught up in the life style and lost control for example Kurt Cobain, Jean Michel Basquiat and Gia, River and a ton of other Supermodels. Now the trend has started again an Italian model as supposedly died of anorexia, Harold Hunter New York skater supposedly died of an overdose and Kate Moss was busted sniffing coke. Everyone is pointing the finger! Like you have never tried or done coke, and been obsessed about your weight. Everyone likes to point the finger and not help the situation.

From the mouth of Karl Lagerfeld labeled the effort to regulate models "politically correct fascism." Is it fascism or is it the by Vladimir Nabokov Lolita, complex Karl? This book was a little hard to take for some, but I have to admit that it was a literary masterpiece beautifully written. With no direct sexual innuendoes within in the prose. Yet it opened many demons within men’s mind, which then poses these ideals on us women. For of course we all know that 35+ white men control the fashion and movie industry. They brainwash women to believe this is how they must dress, look and act! Hence the urge for plastic surgery, huge tits and no ass what a life. In today’s world our images of beauty do not help build self-esteem for our young women. It is scary to be an adolescent girl, they are taught just to be singers, and men's sexual toys, or oh models. I agree with Pink “Stupid Girls.” As well Hip Hop and R N B does not help. Not all of you video dolls will make it, and looks don’t last forever. It is not only a problem for women now the guys have self esteem issues. Sick now you see all these I wanted to be made shows with young men now wanting to get plastic surgery to look like someone else. As well as the drug look for guys. Like women some guy’s are meant to be skinny and some of you aren’t. On the streets of Paris is it so funny to see some of the guy’s who are not meant to be skinny wearing Dior Homme. I honestly think only gay men can pull it off!

I do think the ages of the models should be regulated. For example February British Vogue has a spread The Collections and on page 110 the young lady can be no more then 14 years old. I had this pre puberty body once to and I was that skinny. Not to say that there are not women out there who are naturally like this at any age. Yet, models should be like anyone else and there should be a legal age to work. I blame the mothers it’s their fault they live their lives through there daughters. Hence Beyonce and Paris Hilton, god wait I have to go url! Lol. Real women who have the money to buy these clothes are older then 14-20 go after the “DINKS” women. There is nothing scarier then a 50 year old women who looks like the wind could break her, tons of make up and tons of plastic surgery. This is what he industry is doing, even though a lot of magazines are doing the all age thing, which is great. Yet some women still don’t get it! I see with my own mother and mother in-law they are so scared of getting old. Hey it happens and age is just a number. If you take care of yourself when you are young you will have nothing to worry about. I mean I have so much love for Demi Moore, ok she might have had some surgery, but dam she looks good, and we cannot forget about Tina Turner, and Sophia Lauren! I guess I might speak to soon, but I have hope that I won’t freak out at 50 and enjoy my age! God willing!

Here are some Quotes form WWD on the model size controversy:

Designers: no big changes
That is the main consensus of fashion designers, who, for the most part, say they are not going to make any dramatic switches in the type of models they're hiring to walk their fall runways. And they don't want to be dictated to by their respective fashion organizations.

"The idea of ‘regulation' is revolting, but so much today," said Karl Lagerfeld. "Models are about looks, not about weight. For me, it's not even an issue; it's part of this new politically correct fascism."

‘While the focus seems to be firmly planted on models, designers believe the fashion industry is being singled out unfairly, and that Hollywood bears equal responsibility for promoting the images of super skinny women.’

“Carolina Herrera noted anorexia is prevalent among ballet dancers and students, as well as actresses.”

So whose fault is it any way? I am not saying that is not great to be healthy. I do understand how hard it is to stay fit. I have always juggled with my weight, yet I have learned to eat better, drink water, not smoke or drink alcohol. I think the Adkins diet is horrible for women, because we don’t get enough calcium. My problem is sweets! I say crisps; Ice Cream and Sweets should be outlawed and aloud only on Birthday’s. Keep the faith and stay stylish! Please hit me back and tell me your thoughts!

Donna of the Style Cartel

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cultivate Wisdom

You don't need to accumulate knowledge to become wise;anyone can become wise. When you become wise,you respect your body, your respect your mind, and you respect your soul. When you become wise,your life is controlled by your heart, not your head.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Turban Chic

Style Cartel Favorite Fashion accessory!

The days are getting longer, the winter sales are here, and you can almost taste spring in the air. It is even 50 F in Paris today. Now there are so many new fashion ideas to choose from to add that edge to your Spring wardrobe. Have you chosen which ones will complement your own personal Spring Style?

I am glad to announce one of my personal favorites is back, and I will not have to buy any new ones!!!! I can save for the Chanel bangles that I so desperately want and hope cupid will give me for Valentines Day. Now back to Business. Ladies and Gents pull out all those vintage scarves and tie a topknot! The head wrap turban whatever you want to call it, even the Erika Badu thing is BIG for spring.

Prada with it’s spring collection showed a burgundy turban ensemble with a duchesse satin min tunic, Lowe also showed a more North African twist Berber style outfits, and Ralph Lauren went Hollywood head wrap. The head wrap, scarf or turban chic is the catwalk and campaigns must have.

Those of us urban fashionites know that it was really Andre 3000 who made it super exotic, retro and elegant sultry almost 2 years ago. It has just taken the fashion house this long to understand the power of real urban guerilla street style. Or for them another return to the old glamour of Hollywood, Princess Grace wore them, it was also glam for the likes of style mavens Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor too.

It will be interesting to see what stars will be adventurous and don a turban this Spring/Summer. I am sure J-Lo will try at least once. She always has weird headgear moments. Yet, I think she is one of the only stars beside Nicole Richie who might be able to pull it off. I adore both ladies, J-Lo just because of where she came from and who she is now. Richie because she has such great style, just wished she would start to put on a little weight. I am not saying ‘Simple Life Weight” just a little she is starting to look old, with all the weight loss. When she was with Tyra Banks, Tyra looked younger!

I am just happy I have always wrapped my hair; it is the best thing on a bad hair day. It can add mystery and color to any outfit. I have many white girlfriends who were always afraid to wrap their hair. They love the style on me, never dared. I guess they felt it was too ethnic for them. Now that it is a feature in British Vogue maybe these girls will be more daring.

I also feel it is another way to market to some of fashions biggest and wealthiest clients. Women from UAE and for that matter all rich Muslims women! Oh smart!


The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

Daily Advice
There is wisdom in accepting what you are. It's difficult to try to be what you are not. Being what you are doesn't require any effort. When you become wise, you accept yourself the way you are, and the complete acceptance of yourself becomes the complete acceptance of everyone else.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Je suis Geshia

Je adore Dior, I have to admit I have never been a great fan of John Galliano. Sorry it is the truth until now. What a show, I adore everything Asian and many of my Asian friends are surprised at my knowledge of their culture and that I can tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. As a child I went through a phase everything Japanese or Chinese never knowing about the wars between them. I adored the Chinese opera, and watching Chinese and Japanese TV. I ate everything with chopsticks for 2 years. Even loved hanging out with the Chinese gang members in my neighborhood in Queens, New York the “White Tigers.” My addiction would continue thorough out my life reading the book ‘ Memories of a Geisha’ then seeing the film and the play ‘Miss Saigon’ made me want to be a Geisha so delicate, so manicured, so artistic, I could go on.

This is why I have to re-think my opinions of Mr. Galliano. I once wrote the following describing him.

Her Majesty John Galliano

Mr. Galliano has been known to copy, and be inspired by Vivienne Westwood, and he also part responsible for the entire ‘Bling’ culture, as well as responsible for bringing the whole ‘grunge’ look to the runway way before Marc Jacobs brought it back this year. Even though ‘grunge’ was not accepted by the fashionable, how dared he bring the street to the catwalk, fashion is about looking and feeling good. Know one likes looking like a bum, sorry Courtney Love. These were fashions first look at the grunge look. The times and Marc Jacobs changed all of that last season.

My own feelings about Galliano are mixed, it was not until recently that he has designed garments which I kind of like. I speak about his most recent collection, for ‘I love Rock and Roll and it was a very rock and roll collection.’ His other collections are lest desirable. Although I don’t deny his talents, my personal opinion of the designer is that he is a misogynist, that deep down he hates women. Wanting only to cheapen us and sell us to the highest bidder. Or maybe he is just jealous? He is always questioning women’s sex appeal, even a man may make better female then real women.

There is a connection between Mr. Galliano’s cinematic visions of the vamp and their historical prototypes. When the vamp is seen as desirable, it is tinged with fear. Her sexuality is fatal, she destroys men as she entices and seduces them. Galliano fashioned the female Geisha after this, after all geisha’s are in fact kept women. Galliano has always had a love affair with women in history of this sort. This is why I have always had issues with him.

Yet Monday the 22nd of January 2007 the man called Galliano absolutely took my breath away. From the music from "Madame Butterfly" the soundtrack used to set the scene, which enthralled the onlookers. The epitome of Japanese elegance and ornamentation. We returned to they hey day of the House of Dior with the ‘New Look’ on the stage it rained cherry blossom’s and confetti butterflies. The stage designer was a larger take on the designer studio of Monsieur Dior himself, with the Gargantuan chairs from his studio!

His genius reined, he was able to incorporate the present, past and future of the Dior house. He also has put the ‘T’ in team work, pulling this spectacle off with the help of the amazing milliner Stephen Jones, who fashioned the headgear alone, the pagoda hats, cherry blossom branches, chopstick twigs and pink miniature lanterns. The makeup artist Pat McGrath complemented the trio with her graphic stripes of eye shadow on a white face was the work of the brilliant artist. Loved loved all the colors, that still gave the trend of everything disco 80’s glam, yet couture! This was art at it’s best, you could smell spring in the air, even though it was one of the coldest day’s this year in Paris. We all had rosy checks and wet eyes after viewing this show. Galliano has validated his 10 years at Dior.

Like many women’s lives we hide behind our beauty to cover up the tragic stories in our lives. Always hoping for our savior to come. With the couture industry almost a dieing art Galliano has come to save what we know as Paris Couture. In a époque of designer wanna bee’s couture has almost lost it’s edgy. It is word many modern day designers like ‘Juicy Couture’ add the word couture just to make it ‘Bling’. Dior is our redeemer and how classic for him with his appearance at the finale, swaggering down the runway in uniform as Colonel Pinkerton in "Madame Butterfly."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reason to vist London!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Trendspotting Jan 07

For as look as I can remember I have had a love affair with fashion.
Now I am in Paris and many of my myspace friends dream of living in Paris, and dream of the pretty city. Many say Paris is the fashion capitol of the world. Since living here I beg to differ. I think Parisians have no style of their own at all. They are big copy cats, and just want to look like everyone else. No trend setters here! Only the clothes are made here, and it is the capital of many Luxury Brands. Now I want to break it down through my idea of Trend Spotting for January 2007.

London Calling

I have to say hands down London is leading a new revolution in Fashion. They have taken the New Urban throw back to the 80's look too new heights. The mix of De La Soul crossed with Kid and Play, mixed with Africa Bambatta look, with a touch of Eric B and Rakim gold. If you have not seen the VH1 special Hip Hop tributes you should cause this is were they got the inspiration. Erick Badu should move to London and join the revolution.

People like CassetePlay: Are some of the trendsetter.
With girl pals the CoconutTwins especially The Real Kesh

Not sure if they call themselves the CoconutTwins because one girl is darker then the other, but would love to know why.

Now to music: Hands down I think the new Brit's have started out to change the game. They have taken everything about Hip Hop and turned it into a new hybrid and given life back to urban music, and boy we needed It. I agree with Nas "Hip Hop is dead"I don't know about you, but I was getting a little tired of licking my lips, getting a weave and wearing barely clad outfits. Where is the style in it anyone can dress badly! The ladies are leading the Pack with M.I.A's mix of beats and inspiration, to Lady Sovereign getting signed by Def Jam! These ladies defiantly rock the MIC, and bring females on the MIC back to the days of Queen Latifiah and Mc Lyte. Last but not least I have to mention Ms. Lily Allen
who I absolutely adore with her mix of ska, lovers rock, hip hop and anything cool. Now that is music finally!!!!! If I could ask her one question it would by about her style of course! I would ask if her style is her own or did she work with a stylist.

I cannot forget my boy Kim Jones
who understands urban couture and is enabling the wild boys to dress well. Good luck with your New York show.

We also have to mention one of the best parties in London. If you haven't been you must and if you head to London you must. Big up to YoYo
for continuing to deliver the Phat Beats to a lay-ed back crowd with regular people and where music industry types can chill together no drama!

This also would not be complete with out mentioning a few new comers coming of the London scene and you must check these females music. First is Ms. Rosita Lynch
for bringing the soul back to British soul it is sad she had to go to LA to do it!, And this hot female MC Miskeena
talk about hard core! If I ever needed back up I would call her, and both ladies needed to really model and change the game!

I also have to mention my myspace girls Stacie and Leila, just because of their charm and ideas. These girls know everyone from London to New York,and London to LA.

All City Trendsetters Marking Moves

Eve The Rooky has a hard job a head of her, she is trying to change the game in Paris. Her dream is to open the doors and minds of French people. With new creative ideas for Public Relations. The Rest is a whole other blog!

Booba if you don't know google him, ladies save your thank yous for later. Check out his Uncut clothing line.

The Fab store Colette in Paris has gave birth to Ms Headbangirl check out her DJ Skills.

New York
What happend guys? I am a native New Yorker and lately nothing hot has come out of the streets of the city that never sleeps since hip hop. Yet many press on, the BK designer is so over, sorry. Where is the originality? Know one wants cut up vintage clothes re done, hello Imitation of Christ. Give me some fine tailoring something new. Yet I still have honorable mention when it comes to creativity and drive. As well New York still has the best parities.

Best new inventive style goes to the guys at Cliche for helping us get over wearing "Blood Demands" and wearing medallions that rep for mankind.

I have to give it up to the ladies that have taken over the night life. Thank god because the likes of one Bill Spector did not deserve it! Fuck you still Bill!

Big ups to Miss Saigon, Roxy Cotton Tail, and my love Kenny Kenny for letting me into clubs back in the day when I was only 14! Rock on Ladies!

I also cannot forget JusSke you made it baby. I hope you thank all those models every night!

Movers and Shaker
I have to mention Fashion Indie they are helping to keep the fashion designer dream a live with hot tips, fashion shows and lots more. According to Suzy Menkes of the Herald Tribune we have reached the hardest error for the young creator, with out a big house to back you many will never make it. Yet I encourage you still to dream!

I could not leave New York with out introducing to those who don't know Mr. Livingroom Johnston this back in the day skater boy has really come into his own. He has brought the Pimp back home. He is a Harlem Renaissance man in a sense and put the pimp in back where it belongs. Even though he lives in brooklyn, oh lala "Quelle Class" A writer of prose and has ther true heart of an artist.
And Ms BiJules love her parties flyer's, vid clips, funny and she has style!

Also can anyone explain the purpose behind Block Savy? Why would you want to be a member?

Have to give hit up for the designer behind Ye$jewls she is a constant inspiration. and I think he London trend settrs copied her style! She has turned her passion for sneakers into a new cutting edge accessory line!

Chicago Rising Star
I found a Trend my be popping up in The Windy City Zo lei I just love her page and wish her the best of luck with everything.

Tokyo big up BAPE designer for the deal with Fendi. I want the next "it" Bag!

That's all for now I hope you enjoyed it! If I forgot anyone please sent me a post. If you know trendsetter in you town or city please nominate them. If you need trend spotting please ~I would be glad to help. Please check out all the myspace pages and learn something new.

Until next time please join our google group
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