Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Model Controversy

Our Models Ourselves

Since Spain decided to regulate the models weight, the whole industry is in an up roar. I say about time, how many of us women have been traumatized by the way we look because of the urge and need to look like a model? Ok I will be the first to admit; my name is Lotte and I am a model, fashion, and Vogue addict. I will stop at nothing to look and dress like a model. I have tried every diet; attempt to run regularly, love the drug ecstasy because I was the skinniest I have ever been in my life. While addicted to the drug. With the expectation of when I was 14-16 years old I have never been skinnier.

Wish I could get the drug in France that so many in the states including my mews Nicole Richie allegedly takes (ADHA drug Adderall XR Ritalin, Benzedrine) these are really not a diet drugs. It’s actually speed, the drug prescribed to children in the states with Attention Deficit Disorder. Here in France your local pharmacists know about it but they don’t sell it! Damn.

They only diet that I have not tried is the lemon, water and maple syrup detox one. No food for a week, just water, maple syrup, and lemon juice. Hey it did wonders for Beyonce and Karl Lagerfeld! Dreamgirls might not have been a hit, and Karl would not have been able to wear Heidi Slimane without. I am not that desperate yet. I love food too much and do not desire to look like a mosquito! I would just like to be a size 6 US, 10 UK and 38 EU that's all. I am not trying to be super anorexic skinny just healthy. There I have confessed, it feels great to confess after a run. Today is another day to challenge myself not to eat sweets or to many carbohydrates. Bonne Chance.

Now back to the Model Issue! Many in the fashion industry wish the press and the public would just let things stay under the rug. Like in the early 80’s-90’s when heroin chic was the entire rave and everyone was on drugs or just looked that way. A time when many in the in crowed died of overdose, AIDES, or both. Many great talents had gotten caught up in the life style and lost control for example Kurt Cobain, Jean Michel Basquiat and Gia, River and a ton of other Supermodels. Now the trend has started again an Italian model as supposedly died of anorexia, Harold Hunter New York skater supposedly died of an overdose and Kate Moss was busted sniffing coke. Everyone is pointing the finger! Like you have never tried or done coke, and been obsessed about your weight. Everyone likes to point the finger and not help the situation.

From the mouth of Karl Lagerfeld labeled the effort to regulate models "politically correct fascism." Is it fascism or is it the by Vladimir Nabokov Lolita, complex Karl? This book was a little hard to take for some, but I have to admit that it was a literary masterpiece beautifully written. With no direct sexual innuendoes within in the prose. Yet it opened many demons within men’s mind, which then poses these ideals on us women. For of course we all know that 35+ white men control the fashion and movie industry. They brainwash women to believe this is how they must dress, look and act! Hence the urge for plastic surgery, huge tits and no ass what a life. In today’s world our images of beauty do not help build self-esteem for our young women. It is scary to be an adolescent girl, they are taught just to be singers, and men's sexual toys, or oh models. I agree with Pink “Stupid Girls.” As well Hip Hop and R N B does not help. Not all of you video dolls will make it, and looks don’t last forever. It is not only a problem for women now the guys have self esteem issues. Sick now you see all these I wanted to be made shows with young men now wanting to get plastic surgery to look like someone else. As well as the drug look for guys. Like women some guy’s are meant to be skinny and some of you aren’t. On the streets of Paris is it so funny to see some of the guy’s who are not meant to be skinny wearing Dior Homme. I honestly think only gay men can pull it off!

I do think the ages of the models should be regulated. For example February British Vogue has a spread The Collections and on page 110 the young lady can be no more then 14 years old. I had this pre puberty body once to and I was that skinny. Not to say that there are not women out there who are naturally like this at any age. Yet, models should be like anyone else and there should be a legal age to work. I blame the mothers it’s their fault they live their lives through there daughters. Hence Beyonce and Paris Hilton, god wait I have to go url! Lol. Real women who have the money to buy these clothes are older then 14-20 go after the “DINKS” women. There is nothing scarier then a 50 year old women who looks like the wind could break her, tons of make up and tons of plastic surgery. This is what he industry is doing, even though a lot of magazines are doing the all age thing, which is great. Yet some women still don’t get it! I see with my own mother and mother in-law they are so scared of getting old. Hey it happens and age is just a number. If you take care of yourself when you are young you will have nothing to worry about. I mean I have so much love for Demi Moore, ok she might have had some surgery, but dam she looks good, and we cannot forget about Tina Turner, and Sophia Lauren! I guess I might speak to soon, but I have hope that I won’t freak out at 50 and enjoy my age! God willing!

Here are some Quotes form WWD on the model size controversy:

Designers: no big changes
That is the main consensus of fashion designers, who, for the most part, say they are not going to make any dramatic switches in the type of models they're hiring to walk their fall runways. And they don't want to be dictated to by their respective fashion organizations.

"The idea of ‘regulation' is revolting, but so much today," said Karl Lagerfeld. "Models are about looks, not about weight. For me, it's not even an issue; it's part of this new politically correct fascism."

‘While the focus seems to be firmly planted on models, designers believe the fashion industry is being singled out unfairly, and that Hollywood bears equal responsibility for promoting the images of super skinny women.’

“Carolina Herrera noted anorexia is prevalent among ballet dancers and students, as well as actresses.”

So whose fault is it any way? I am not saying that is not great to be healthy. I do understand how hard it is to stay fit. I have always juggled with my weight, yet I have learned to eat better, drink water, not smoke or drink alcohol. I think the Adkins diet is horrible for women, because we don’t get enough calcium. My problem is sweets! I say crisps; Ice Cream and Sweets should be outlawed and aloud only on Birthday’s. Keep the faith and stay stylish! Please hit me back and tell me your thoughts!

Donna of the Style Cartel

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