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Trendspotting Jan 07

For as look as I can remember I have had a love affair with fashion.
Now I am in Paris and many of my myspace friends dream of living in Paris, and dream of the pretty city. Many say Paris is the fashion capitol of the world. Since living here I beg to differ. I think Parisians have no style of their own at all. They are big copy cats, and just want to look like everyone else. No trend setters here! Only the clothes are made here, and it is the capital of many Luxury Brands. Now I want to break it down through my idea of Trend Spotting for January 2007.

London Calling

I have to say hands down London is leading a new revolution in Fashion. They have taken the New Urban throw back to the 80's look too new heights. The mix of De La Soul crossed with Kid and Play, mixed with Africa Bambatta look, with a touch of Eric B and Rakim gold. If you have not seen the VH1 special Hip Hop tributes you should cause this is were they got the inspiration. Erick Badu should move to London and join the revolution.

People like CassetePlay: Are some of the trendsetter.
With girl pals the CoconutTwins especially The Real Kesh

Not sure if they call themselves the CoconutTwins because one girl is darker then the other, but would love to know why.

Now to music: Hands down I think the new Brit's have started out to change the game. They have taken everything about Hip Hop and turned it into a new hybrid and given life back to urban music, and boy we needed It. I agree with Nas "Hip Hop is dead"I don't know about you, but I was getting a little tired of licking my lips, getting a weave and wearing barely clad outfits. Where is the style in it anyone can dress badly! The ladies are leading the Pack with M.I.A's mix of beats and inspiration, to Lady Sovereign getting signed by Def Jam! These ladies defiantly rock the MIC, and bring females on the MIC back to the days of Queen Latifiah and Mc Lyte. Last but not least I have to mention Ms. Lily Allen
who I absolutely adore with her mix of ska, lovers rock, hip hop and anything cool. Now that is music finally!!!!! If I could ask her one question it would by about her style of course! I would ask if her style is her own or did she work with a stylist.

I cannot forget my boy Kim Jones
who understands urban couture and is enabling the wild boys to dress well. Good luck with your New York show.

We also have to mention one of the best parties in London. If you haven't been you must and if you head to London you must. Big up to YoYo
for continuing to deliver the Phat Beats to a lay-ed back crowd with regular people and where music industry types can chill together no drama!

This also would not be complete with out mentioning a few new comers coming of the London scene and you must check these females music. First is Ms. Rosita Lynch
for bringing the soul back to British soul it is sad she had to go to LA to do it!, And this hot female MC Miskeena
talk about hard core! If I ever needed back up I would call her, and both ladies needed to really model and change the game!

I also have to mention my myspace girls Stacie and Leila, just because of their charm and ideas. These girls know everyone from London to New York,and London to LA.

All City Trendsetters Marking Moves

Eve The Rooky has a hard job a head of her, she is trying to change the game in Paris. Her dream is to open the doors and minds of French people. With new creative ideas for Public Relations. The Rest is a whole other blog!

Booba if you don't know google him, ladies save your thank yous for later. Check out his Uncut clothing line.

The Fab store Colette in Paris has gave birth to Ms Headbangirl check out her DJ Skills.

New York
What happend guys? I am a native New Yorker and lately nothing hot has come out of the streets of the city that never sleeps since hip hop. Yet many press on, the BK designer is so over, sorry. Where is the originality? Know one wants cut up vintage clothes re done, hello Imitation of Christ. Give me some fine tailoring something new. Yet I still have honorable mention when it comes to creativity and drive. As well New York still has the best parities.

Best new inventive style goes to the guys at Cliche for helping us get over wearing "Blood Demands" and wearing medallions that rep for mankind.

I have to give it up to the ladies that have taken over the night life. Thank god because the likes of one Bill Spector did not deserve it! Fuck you still Bill!

Big ups to Miss Saigon, Roxy Cotton Tail, and my love Kenny Kenny for letting me into clubs back in the day when I was only 14! Rock on Ladies!

I also cannot forget JusSke you made it baby. I hope you thank all those models every night!

Movers and Shaker
I have to mention Fashion Indie they are helping to keep the fashion designer dream a live with hot tips, fashion shows and lots more. According to Suzy Menkes of the Herald Tribune we have reached the hardest error for the young creator, with out a big house to back you many will never make it. Yet I encourage you still to dream!

I could not leave New York with out introducing to those who don't know Mr. Livingroom Johnston this back in the day skater boy has really come into his own. He has brought the Pimp back home. He is a Harlem Renaissance man in a sense and put the pimp in back where it belongs. Even though he lives in brooklyn, oh lala "Quelle Class" A writer of prose and has ther true heart of an artist.
And Ms BiJules love her parties flyer's, vid clips, funny and she has style!

Also can anyone explain the purpose behind Block Savy? Why would you want to be a member?

Have to give hit up for the designer behind Ye$jewls she is a constant inspiration. and I think he London trend settrs copied her style! She has turned her passion for sneakers into a new cutting edge accessory line!

Chicago Rising Star
I found a Trend my be popping up in The Windy City Zo lei I just love her page and wish her the best of luck with everything.

Tokyo big up BAPE designer for the deal with Fendi. I want the next "it" Bag!

That's all for now I hope you enjoyed it! If I forgot anyone please sent me a post. If you know trendsetter in you town or city please nominate them. If you need trend spotting please ~I would be glad to help. Please check out all the myspace pages and learn something new.

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