Saturday, February 17, 2007

EMO Fashion

The Return of EMO

Many mornings I am torn between dressing like an EMO or debutant. I guess that is why I like Lily Allen’s dress sense; she seems to mix the two and throws a little hip-hop style into it. Many of you must be like what the hell is EMO? Well if you check out my page ( you will see when I describe myself I say I am a punk meets hip-hop. Because of my older brother Jimmy I started listening to punk before I got into hip-hop and the normal evolution after punk was hip-hop. Thanks to Icons Debbie Harry and Fab Five they along with the Disco error were able to merge all genera’s. Later came the likes of the Cure and Depeche Mode.

Now that the punk rock style is back in fashion, more so the 80’s I love it. Many people complained about the 80’s fashion styles. I disagree when was the last time everyone listened to the same style of music, that was fun, and sing along-ey? Now music separates us instead of bring us together. As well as degrades women and I am not just talking about men, degrading us, a lot of the female singers today degrade themselves, not voices just fit!

You might ask what the heck is EMO it is the acronym for "emotional." EMO is short for many different styles of emotionally charged punk rock. Most people have an inadequate idea of what EMO is all about. EMO relates to all terms pertaining to "punk," "post punk," "no-wave," "hardcore punk," "old-school/new-school," etc (although the difference between "hardcore punk" and "hardcore" is lost on a lot of people - "hardcore punk" is punk rock made heavier, faster, louder; "hardcore" is what happened after the hardcore punks realized they didn't have to sound like punk rock anymore - still heavy, fast, loud, but with a different foundation

Fashion EMO Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McClaren, today Alexander McQueen, Heidi Sliman, and many emerging young designers such as Jean-Pierre Braganza are following the trend. If you are not sure if you are an EMO, or would like to be one, here are a few fashion tips on what you should be dressing like.

• Wear skintight clothes.
• Wear, black/dark skinny jeans,
• White studded belts and an EMO band shirt, or even a plain black shirt.
• Tight Full bleed shirts usually work as well.
• If you don't like jeans, you may substitute a short skirt as well.
• Black or brown hair. Flipped out on girls, mop top on guys.
• Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eyeglasses # A silver necklace with a star charm.
• Scarves.
• A black or navy blue pea coat.
• Heavy dress slacks.
• Doc Martens or clunky black shoes
• Vintage

EMO costume is characterized as distinctly non-fashionable, keeping with the movement's theme of showing little to no interest in all aspects of society. EMO individuals perceive themselves to be outcasts and dress accordingly so as to avoid any appearance of attempting conformity and falling short. With all this said how has the style become so fashionable?

Donna Style Cartel

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The Black Rider said...

nice article. i like a little emo myself. and you;re cute.