Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Grand Dame Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Le Grand Dame

What is there to say about the Le Grand Dame Ms Westwood? She stuck to what she knows her style. Yet always just reinventing the style that is her own.

It was a pleasure to view her collection come down the runway. Now that punk is a la mode, who better to dictate? She took her signature looks and embellished. Sexy warrior women style skirts with her Pirates of the Caribbean boots. Many fashion editors have said pirate boots are out of style and that it is all about the ankle boot. Not at Westwood. We also saw the bustier as fashion accessories, if you wear a bustier is tends to take 7 inches off your waistline, keeps you shirt down over the ass hugging jeans. Hmm. As well gold and red were the palette of the show. We also say the entire range of bags, shoes, hoodies and sweaters and hats to accompany the entire collection. Also so very Westwood was the Boy George oversized high waisted baggy pant!

It seemed has if marriage was on the mind of Westwood, with bridesmaid style dresses and ending the show with a fierce black chick in a white wedding dress. I have to admit Westwood had more women of color then most of the runway shows. Quelle horreur.

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