Thursday, June 21, 2007


There has been something on my mind for a long time! Now that I have download the Instant Karma CD from I tunes for my shuffle the future for me seems clearer. I have had the song "Working Class Hero" cover by Green Day of the John Lennon classic. I grew up on the Beatles and then later John Lennon. He like Marley is timeless.
Working Class Hero
My break dancing punk of a brother and my PHD teaching aunt influenced me with enormous musical taste. Both taught me to speak up for what I believe in and never settle through the songs of Lennon and Marley. Their songs beg us to make a difference, stand up for our rights, and give peace a chance.

Today, I am saddened by what goes on in our world. And that know one is doing anything about. I mean people are making a difference, yet it is not like the struggles of the past. Young people are more concerned about the new dance move or the new bling. Or like I stated in my other blog showing their underwear! LOL Company’s look at it as a way to promote there brand and make money.

For those of you who don't know I am also a Business English Teacher here in France, for Fashion companies. A starving artist needs to eat!!!!! After playing "Working Class Hero" for my students both versions, something snapped in my head.

I want to be a working class hero!!!! I want to make a difference, before I die, I wanted to help children in need before I have my own, I want to tell the powers that be that their decisions do more then help the people, yet they hurt the people!

The Green Day version of Working Class Hero and Lupe Fiasco’s American Terrorist has been on repeat on my shuffle!!! I think I am going to give it all up and just go to Darfur and help! It has been something I have always wanted to do. I need to do something for the people who are not has fortunate as myself before I die.

If anyone knows of an organization that I can get in touch with to make this happen please let me know. If anyone knows of an organization that would sponsorship my blogg and me to my trip while I am there please contact me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Be Shop" -"What da Butt Clot"

There is a new trend in Paris these day’s and it is really not cute. Gone are the days when women were showing us their "String"- "G-String"! I thought this style was vulgar and so did many of my male friends. Many a lunchtime discussion was had about our loss of appetite over the appearance of a G-string. The trend was ageless, young and old wore them and felt they had to let the entire world in on their secret, sorry not cute!!!!! I think the worst for me was at my Bickram Yoga classes here in Paris. This older women with no ass tortured us all whenever she came to class and changed reveling her G-string stuck between her flat ass! I guess she wanted to compete with us young girls, if only she knew "LE String" -"G-String" was never my forte. Having something stuck up my ass was not comfortable. Girlfriends always tried to convince me otherwise, but give me a boy's brief any day!

Now the trend has crossed over and I don't know what is worse, seeing a boy’s brief for real or g-string! "What da Butt Clot” or as the trend is called here in Paris "Be Shop". UGH!!!!! At least hundred times a day I am traumatized by being flashed by young boys in cigarette jeans, or even sweat pants/trainers, with their boys briefs peeking out from under their pants.

It is hysterical before when the baggy jean was in we saw men's boxers. Hmmm I have to admit I like skinny guys, but this is ridicules! I don't want to see their skinny Asses. Then trend has crossed color and age barriers. Even pre pubescent young men have adopted the style.

If I could be in the brain of Heidi I wonder if this is exactly what he wanted. Is this punk I don’t think so, punks were skinny and their under peeked out by accident. These young men are doing it on purpose? Young male clones of Kate Moss and Nicole Richie! Dudes pull up your pants please!!! I would love to hear from you and to know if this is going on in London, New York, and the rest of the world!