Monday, August 13, 2007

Bag Lady!

I was inspired by one of my myspace friends FashionPig. They sent out a blog your bag is fake! Requesting viewers of the myspace page to send in picks of what kind of bags we owned and the content inside your bag!!

Well I am headed to New York City for the rest of the summer. Being a native New Yorker who has not been home in a year and half, I am so excited. I have started packing today for my departure on Friday morning!! Luckily I am flying Air France to London and Virgin Atlantic to NY. I can catch up on all those great movies, sleep comfortably and play video games.

So here we go, this is one of the hand bags I will take on my trip(I call it I have arrived bag, now I am ready to have kids bag,) As well as what is inside!

More from NYC later this month so stay tuned!
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