Sunday, March 4, 2007

Paris Punk Masion Martin Margiela II

Maison Martin Margiela

I am already thinking about the ‘It’ boots of the next season. A signature piece for my wardrobe for my next fall wardrobe essentially because I love black and pink! Two seasons’s running le Maison Martin Margiela has had the 'IT' shoes!! Love those plexy glass numbers! This show he had some off the hook black and hot pink numbers must have regardless of the price. I hope to get to the sample sale. Now more about live from the show.

Martin Margiela is proving to be a powerhouse. The fall collection he showed was all about the shoulder. This time, the line was way, way out there—50 centimeters, to be precise—and aided, in some cases, by rods on which to hang the vast inverted triangle of the upper body. In effect, MMM sent tapered downward to high-waisted narrow skirts or black leg casings that were a strange amalgam of ski pants and long-line girdle down the runway. Nutty as this sound, there was a dramatic, graphic elegance in the way Margiela worked the theme through black and white, with contrasting shots of fluorescent pink and lime. He moved from squared-off capes through conceptual boleros constructed of strands of looped wool or giant tubes of tulle-covered padding. But then came the luxe part, sans superstructure. There were rabbit-fur jackets with huge cowls, and a couple of glam backless shaggy goat halters that gave a clever twist to the season's ubiquitous chubbies.

This was another Paris punk collection and also was staying true to MMM very avant-garde and not for everyone. I have to also complement the show for including women of color an element that was missing in many of the shows! I also believe many of the designers that I will talk about are trying to protect us from the world at large. We are seeing very punk influenced garments go down the runway. We as a people are rebelling like the roots or punk, roots, rock and reggae.

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