Monday, January 29, 2007

Turban Chic

Style Cartel Favorite Fashion accessory!

The days are getting longer, the winter sales are here, and you can almost taste spring in the air. It is even 50 F in Paris today. Now there are so many new fashion ideas to choose from to add that edge to your Spring wardrobe. Have you chosen which ones will complement your own personal Spring Style?

I am glad to announce one of my personal favorites is back, and I will not have to buy any new ones!!!! I can save for the Chanel bangles that I so desperately want and hope cupid will give me for Valentines Day. Now back to Business. Ladies and Gents pull out all those vintage scarves and tie a topknot! The head wrap turban whatever you want to call it, even the Erika Badu thing is BIG for spring.

Prada with it’s spring collection showed a burgundy turban ensemble with a duchesse satin min tunic, Lowe also showed a more North African twist Berber style outfits, and Ralph Lauren went Hollywood head wrap. The head wrap, scarf or turban chic is the catwalk and campaigns must have.

Those of us urban fashionites know that it was really Andre 3000 who made it super exotic, retro and elegant sultry almost 2 years ago. It has just taken the fashion house this long to understand the power of real urban guerilla street style. Or for them another return to the old glamour of Hollywood, Princess Grace wore them, it was also glam for the likes of style mavens Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor too.

It will be interesting to see what stars will be adventurous and don a turban this Spring/Summer. I am sure J-Lo will try at least once. She always has weird headgear moments. Yet, I think she is one of the only stars beside Nicole Richie who might be able to pull it off. I adore both ladies, J-Lo just because of where she came from and who she is now. Richie because she has such great style, just wished she would start to put on a little weight. I am not saying ‘Simple Life Weight” just a little she is starting to look old, with all the weight loss. When she was with Tyra Banks, Tyra looked younger!

I am just happy I have always wrapped my hair; it is the best thing on a bad hair day. It can add mystery and color to any outfit. I have many white girlfriends who were always afraid to wrap their hair. They love the style on me, never dared. I guess they felt it was too ethnic for them. Now that it is a feature in British Vogue maybe these girls will be more daring.

I also feel it is another way to market to some of fashions biggest and wealthiest clients. Women from UAE and for that matter all rich Muslims women! Oh smart!


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